Cotton Incorporated is the Research and Promotion Company for Cotton.

As a not-for-profit, Cotton Incorporated does not manufacturer or sell any products. Instead it conducts research to benefit every link on the cotton supply chain and develops promotions that encourage the use and desirability of cotton and cotton products.

Cotton Incorporated was founded in 1970 in response to synthetic textile fibers’ encroachment on cotton’s market share. Since that time, the company has addressed this challenge and others through a range of diverse activities aimed to make cotton: more profitable for growers, and a preferred fiber choice for manufacturers, brands and consumers. In the process, the Company has become recognized as a global authority and resource for all things cotton.

The innovations of the company also extend to its promotional efforts. Through Cotton Incorporated, cotton became the first commodity to market directly to the consumer. The icon for this outreach was the Seal of Cotton trademark, a logo indicating that the product contains cotton. Since its introduction in 1973, the Seal of Cotton has been used on a variety of cotton-containing and cotton-related products, from apparel and beauty products to laundry detergent. The Company’s 1989 “The Fabric Of Our Lives” campaign conveyed the emotional connection between cotton and consumers, and how cotton touches our lives every day.

In more recent years innovative programs such as the Blue Jeans Go Jean™ denim recycling program and dynamic events such as Cotton’s 24-Hour Fashion Show and Cotton’s 60-second Runway Show showcase the range of cotton and cotton-rich apparel offered by well-known brands, retailers and designers.

Cotton Incorporated aims to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton through research and promotion, and to ensure that cotton remains the first choice among consumers in apparel and home products.

Trace the history of Cotton Incorporated, the producer-funded research and promotion organization by exploring the Company Timeline and Hall of Fame.

The cotton industry is committed to researching and promoting environmentally-viable solutions that help secure the future of cotton and the planet. Sustainability permeates the corporate culture of Cotton Incorporated and is a primary focus of its initiatives.

The Cotton Incorporated Pressroom features recent and archived press releases, cotton related video releases, Cotton Incorporated employee biographies, and a list of media contacts.

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The Cotton Incorporated event calendar features a variety of upcoming worldwide events related to the cotton industry.

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No matter where your business falls on the cotton supply chain, no matter what challenges you face, think of Cotton Incorporated as a resource and partner you can trust to help you make and promote outstanding cotton products.